Collection: CSRA - Classic Superbike Racing Association

The Classic Superbike Racing Association (known as the CSRA) was formed in 2016 by like-minded racers who, in the main, had prepared Classic machinery for the annual SA TT events. Our logic was to organize a series of races in SA that would start each year with the TT races and follow with 6 more events around the country, 4 seasons on, and the CSRA has grown from strength to strength, it is now the best supported series in SA with over 35 active racers involved.
South Africa enjoyed a “heyday” of production bike racing in the 1980’s and the equipment that this was based upon remains reasonably affordable today. There was a “sea change” of superbike specs between the mainly air-cooled bikes of the late 70’s and early 80’s when the oil cooled Suzuki GSXR burst onto the scene around 1985/6. FIM rule changes also eliminated 2 stroke engines due to emission issues, and we also try to accommodate those still keen to run such machinery.
As a result of this phenomenon, and the performance gap it entailed, we have adopted 4 racing categories in the CSRA:
· Formula 1 – Bikes from 1984 – 1989
· Formula 2 – Bikes from 1976 – 1983
· Formula 750 – Maximum 750cc 4 stroke bikes up to end 1989, plus 2 stroke bikes
· New Era Class – Bikes up to end of 1999
· Formula 4 – This is “strictly a parading class” with bikes up to end of 1999 eligible
Any queries - can be directed here and our committee and class representatives will be happy to guide new joiners 


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